Customizing Your Homeschool Approach

Many homeschoolers find something they like in various approaches, but they can't find an exact fit among the main philosophies. Other homeschoolers prefer to design their own curriculum. And still others "mix and match" among the various types of curricula and philosophies. If you are unsure whether you should create your own approach or how to customize your homeschool, here are some tips and ideas.

* Determine how your child learns. It is an essential step in deciding what approach to take to customize your homeschool. There are tests available online that allow you to discover your child's learning style. Teaching according to your student's style of learning will make the difference between success and struggle.

* Familiarize yourself with the various homeschool philosophies. Research the types of homeschooling approaches out there - you may be surprised to find out there are so many! Look at the mainstream ones first, and then look into some of the "offshoots" of the main approaches.

* Talk to other homeschooling families. It is so vital when customizing your home school and discovering what approach is right for you. Not only will you meet and develop relationships with other homeschooling families, but you will also get ideas for all sorts of lessons and approaches.

* Multiple children require a different approach than just one child. This is something to remember as you do your research - would this work with three, four, six, or eight different ages? If a particular homeschool approach involves a lot of field trips, for example, and you have a lot of children/students, that approach could be impractical.

* Don't be afraid to design your own curriculum. Sometimes, homeschooling parents can get stressed and worried over whether or not they have the "perfect" curriculum for their kids. But sometimes, that stress and worry can translate into a rigid curriculum that is not a good fit for your students.

Don't be afraid to experiment. Does your student love machines? Design a unit study that covers the core subjects through the subject of machines. You could do the same thing with a student who loves art, science, music, dance, math or reading.

* Take advantage of free homeschool information online. Look at various lessons and how they are planned to get ideas for your student.

* The most crucial aspect of customizing your homeschool is to observe and know your kids. What works for them? What makes them tick? How can you work with your child's interests and style of learning? When you embrace this approach, it sets your child up for a lifetime of learning.


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