About Us


My name is Suki! I have been homeschooling my three kids since 2013. I started homeschooling my daughter at the beginning of her 3rd-grade year. I decided to homeschool her because she was struggling to learn common core math. 

It was not easy at the beginning. There was a lot that I had to learn about homeschooling. We tried several curricula and different ways of learning. It was a struggle for the first year, but we made it! She has been thriving in her studies ever since! She is now in high school and still prefers to be homeschooled.  

It is a lot easier homeschooling my two sons since I have experience this time around! 

I started All Things Homeschooling because many of my friends had reached out to me to help them homeschool their kids. So I wanted to create a place to help guide other families who were new to homeschooling. 


I would love to be able to help you start your homeschool journey!