Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day


Who was St. Patrick?

St. Patrick was born in the early fourth century and become the apostle to Ireland sent by the pope in 431 AD. He is responsible for converting the Druids of Ireland to Christianity. Many people are unaware that he wrote two books: a spiritual autobiography titled "Confessio," and "Epistola," which rebuked British Christians' maltreatment of Irish Christians.

St. Patrick is often recognized for driving the snakes out of Ireland. And it's true there are no snakes on the island. However, there most likely never were because Ireland split off from the continent at the end of the ice age. Snakes in religion usually represent evil or pagan practices and since St. Patrick converted so many to Christianity maybe it's a symbolic "driving the snakes out" of Ireland he was credited for.

As the Irish spread from the island to the rest of the world, they took St. Patrick's day with them and it's now an international holiday. Why March 17th? That may be either the birthday of St. Patrick or the day he died. Now St. Patrick's day means wearing green, finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, celebrating being Irish, and luck.

What is the meaning of the 4 leaf shamrock?

Faith, hope, and love are represented by the three leaves of a shamrock. The fourth leaf is considered to be lucky. A four-leaf clover is a rare variant of the three-leaf clover that is commonly recognized as a symbol of good luck.

St. Patrick's Day is finally here! It's time for us all celebrate this wonderful holiday that celebrates Irish heritageSign up here. to receive my FREE St Patrick’s day bundle - it includes games and activities, recipes, decorations so you can have the best ever celebration with your family! 

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