What is a Water Cycle?

Teach your kids about the water cycle with this mini unit study!  

This unit study explains how the water cycle works along with a fill in the blank diagram of the different cycles.

Why is the water cycle important?

All living things on earth needs water - humans, animals, plants, and trees. Water can change into three different states - liquid, solid and gas. It is the main part of our climate system. 

What are the different stages?

Evaporation - the sun heats up the water from the oceans, rivers, lakes, and any other bodies of water. When the water heats up enough it will evaporate into air and rise up to they sky. 

As an experiment, you can boil water on the stove and when you see the see the steam, that is vapor. It is evaporating into the air! 


water boiling in pot to show evaporation


Condensation - the vapors temperature will cool down as it raises to the sky and turn back into liquid. The wind and air will move the moisture around forming them into clouds. 

When you take a shower or bath at home you will notice the water on the mirror. This is from condensation! The hot water droplets from the shower cooled down when they landed on the cold mirror. 

condensation on mirror

Precipitation - when any form of liquid falls from the sky - rain, snow, hail sleet. The liquid will fall into our lakes, oceans, rivers, ponds and any other bodies of water and the water cycle will start all over again!



Learning about how our plant recycles water is not only important but so much fun!

Click the picture below to get my free water cycle mini unit study!

what is a water cycle


 If you would like more free resources about the water cycle, visit this page Preschool Powol Packet


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