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Color Reading Tracker for Kids: 12-Month Themed Edition

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The Color Reading Tracker for Kids is a vibrant, one-page tool designed to encourage and track young readers' progress throughout the year. Featuring 12 themed sections, one for each month, this tracker combines the fun of coloring with the joy of reading, making it an engaging way for children to set and achieve their reading goals.


1. Monthly Coloring Sections: Each month includes a unique themed clipart that kids can color in as they complete their reading goals. The themes are designed to be fun and relevant to the time of year, adding a visual and interactive element to the tracking process.

2. Color-Coded Books: Within each monthly section, there are outlines of books that children can color in as they read. This visual progress tracker helps kids see their achievements grow over time, motivating them to read more.

3. Encouraging Visuals: Bright and cheerful illustrations make the tracker appealing to children, encouraging them to engage with it regularly. The themed clipart for each month adds an element of anticipation and excitement.

4. Goal Setting: Parents and educators can help children set personalized reading goals for each month, whether it's the number of books, minutes spent reading, or specific genres to explore. This customizable aspect ensures that the tracker meets the needs of every young reader.

5. Easy-to-Use Layout: The one-page design is straightforward and user-friendly. Kids can easily see their progress at a glance, and the compact format makes it easy to display in a prominent place at home or in the classroom.

6. Reward System: Incorporating a reward system, the tracker suggests small prizes or special activities as incentives for reaching reading goals. This keeps children motivated and provides additional encouragement to continue reading.


Enhances Reading Motivation: The combination of coloring and tracking makes reading fun and engaging, motivating children to reach their goals.

Promotes Goal Setting: Encourages kids to set and achieve reading targets, fostering a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.

Develops Consistent Reading Habits: By tracking progress monthly, children build consistent reading habits, essential for their educational growth.

Encourages a Love of Reading: The interactive and rewarding nature of the tracker makes reading a more enjoyable experience, instilling a lifelong love of books.

Perfect for:

Ideal for both home and classroom environments, the Color Reading Tracker for Kids: 12-Month Themed Edition can be printed and displayed for a physical tracking experience. This versatile and engaging tool is perfect for supporting young readers on their literacy journey throughout the year.

Things to know:

  • This download is a PDF file. 
  • Instant download (nothing will be shipped).
  • Colors may vary on your printer when printed. 
  • This is for personal use only. You may not sell or give this product away. 


Since all products are instant downloads, I am unable to refund, exchange or cancel orders. However, don't hesitate to contact me at support@allthingshomeschooling.net if you have any issues with the printable.

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