Constitution Day Unit Study - Upper Elementary

Constitution Day Unit Study

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Do your kids know as much about the Constitution as they should? Give them a crash course with this unit study! This study includes 13 pages of resources and activities, including a history of Constitution Day, Constitution facts, The Bill Of Rights, US Constitution Amendments, and more. Plus, there are two pages of tests so you can measure your child's progress. And finally, there are also fun activities like poster making and creating Amendment 28. With this unit study, you'll have everything you need to help your child become an expert on the US Constitution.

13 pages included:

📜 History of Constitution Day

📜 Constitution Facts

📜 The Bill Of Rights 

📜 US Constitution Amendments

📜 Let's Test Your Knowledge (2 pages)

📜 Let's Test Your Knowledge Answer key (2 pages)

📜 First 10 Amendments

📜 Poster Making

📜 Create Amendment 28 

📜 Word Search

📜 Word Search Answer Key


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