How Journaling can Help Teens

How Journaling is Different for Teens Than Adults

While journaling itself has many of the same benefits for people of all different ages, there are slight differences for teens. Here are some reasons it can be different for your teens, which might give you more insight into why it is so helpful for them.

Being a Teenager Has Unique Challenges

You probably remember being a teenager. It is a complicated, confusing time where hormones seem to run your life. With these unique challenges, it makes sense that journaling can be a little different during this time in your kids’ life.

It can sometimes feel like you don’t know where you fit in, or really who to talk to, aside from your friends. But there might be things you don’t want to tell your friends because you don’t know if they will understand. That is the beauty of writing in a journal like my 30 Day Anime Gratitude Journal and expressing any challenges you face to understand a little more about being a teenager.

Journaling Provides a Creative, Safe Outlet

Everyone wants to feel like their thoughts and feelings are private, but teenagers often feel like they don't have the freedom. With journaling, they can feel like they have one place that is all theirs, which can nurture their creativity. It might even open up something inside of them that they didn’t realize they possessed.

Writing in a journal is a creative process; whether you are using a stream-of-consciousness style where you write whatever comes to mind, a guided style with writing prompts to answer your questions or deal with something you want to write about, or a fill-in-the-blank style of journal like my 30 Day Anime Gratitude Journal.

Self-Expression is Vital for Teenagers

Journaling is also a therapeutic way for teenagers to express themselves, which is often even more critical at this age than with adults. Whether you are a teenager yourself, or a parent of a teenager, you should understand how vital self-expression and being unique at this age truly is. 

With a complicated phase of life such as this, it’s hard to understand who you are, know how to express it once you do, or even know how to start so you can begin puzzling things out. Your teenagers, who can to be struggling with this very thing, will benefit from journaling during this introspective time. A fill-in-the-blank style like the 30 Day Anime Gratitude Journal can help start the guided process of writing things down.

Hopefully, through journaling, they will find a way to communicate their feelings to you. We as parents must try to find a way to communicate with our teenagers. It may feel like you are hitting a wall every time, but keep trying to break down that wall! It will eventually break. Don't be afraid to share your experiences with them. 

The 30 Day Amine Gratitude Journal was inspired by my teenage daughter. She has been into Anime even before it became popular, so I decided to create this journal for her and all the Anime lovers out there! 

You can purchase the 30 Day Anime Gratitude Journal here. I would love to hear if your teenager enjoyed the journal. 

30 Day Anime Gratitude Journal

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